Meet the Lewis House staff—always friendly and thoughtful, sometimes witty and wise (we hope).

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Brian Marshall


Brian Marshall is the founder of Lewis House. His background is in philosophy and theology, having previously been an adjunct philosophy instructor at Asbury University. He has worked in college ministry for nearly 20 years with Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) at the University of Kentucky. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary. His love of C.S. Lewis extends to Lewis-connected middle names for his three children he shares with his wife, Shelby.

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Dr. Derek King


Derek King (Ph.D., University of St Andrews) is the Scholar-in-Residence at Lewis House. His role is both ministerial (he hangs with students) and academic (he hangs with nerds). Derek and his wife, Bethany, have two kids: Lewis and Iona. You can read more about his work here.

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Kate Grounds


Kate joined our Lewis House staff in February 2023! She mentors our female scholars, helps lead book groups, runs our social media, and more. She studied education in undergrad and has a Masters in Theology from Asbury Theological Seminary. If you ever want to talk about theology, photography, or Taylor Swift, Kate’s your girl!

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C. J. Carter


C. J. Carter splits his time between Lewis House and teaching high school. At Lewis House, in addition to leading groups of Lewis House scholars and planning the lecture series, he takes charge of the library and tries to help Lewis House resist the slow descent into the aesthetic abyss. At the Latin School he teaches literature, European History, and U. S. Government. He has a wife and two daughters and is happily entering middle age.

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Nick Grounds


Nick is our newest full-time staff associate here at the Lewis House.  If he’s not reading in the library, you can catch him leading a scholar’s group or teaching philosophy at his Alma Mater, Asbury University.  Besides his heart for college students, Nick is the only faculty member, as far as we are aware, that commutes to class on a OneWheel skateboard.  He earned his MA in philosophy and apologetics from Asbury Theological Seminary, where he completed his thesis in philosophy.  Nick married his high school sweetheart Corinne, and his proudest achievement thus far in life is being a father to his precious daughter Aoife (ee-fuh).