Lewis House Scholars

A formational mentorship program helping college students develop a Christian mind, engaging timeless truths and timely topics.


This new program seeks to develop college students who are interested in spiritual growth through engagement with the riches of Christian tradition. Lewis House Scholars will develop a deeper understanding of who God is, who we are made to be as people, and how we are to live in our current cultural setting. Like our namesake, C. S. Lewis, we seek to be both highly thoughtful and thoroughly practical.

The Scholars Program is free and open to Christian undergraduate students from a variety of backgrounds and denominations. Ready to apply? Then use the button below to express your interest and we’ll send you the full application. If you’re not (yet) sure, keep scrolling for more information.



The goal of the Scholars program is not to impress people with big words. It’s an invitation to become a certain kind of person: one who sees the entire world—history, politics, culture, science, identity, relationships, etc.—in light of the Kingship of Jesus. Think of it as a kind of training program not for your arms and legs but for your head and heart

In a confusing world like ours, we want to bring the wisdom and truth of Jesus to the college campus. We don’t want to simply tell students what to think but teach them how to think, to think Christianly, to have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). Simply put, we want students who love well but to do that we must also think carefully.

The Scholars program is a two-year track—though you can be a one year scholar as well. Over that time span, you’ll read good books and hear interesting talks, engaging with smart people like local professors and pastors. You’ll have regular meetings with your cohort and mentor, and attend Lewis House events. For a rough idea of time investment, think of it as adding 1.5 hours to your course load (about half of a class). We know your schedules are busy and we’ll honor your time. You’re a student, we get that. But we think this program is worth the investment. It’s not just an investment of time you’re giving to us, but it’s an investment of time, effort and love we want to give you. We hope the results will be life shaping.

In addition to being formative, we’ve also designed the program to be fun. Reading C. S. Lewis or Saint Augustine, deep thinking, and discussing God and all things in relation to God are meant to be enjoyed with good friends. The Scholars program invites you into that kind of a fun, interactive community.