There’s so much you can read, watch, or listen to out there, it can be tricky to know where to start or what to trust. To help, we commend these carefully-chosen articles, podcasts, books, and talks as a great place to start in your effort to think faithfully and think well—about whatever the topic may be.

Thinking Well About…

  • The Problem of Evil (video) – The Thomistic Institute: A great summary of one of the Church’s classic definitions of and responses to evil.
  • Tsunami and Theodicy (article) – David Bentley Hart: Can we explain or justify evil? Should we?
  • Pornography & Acedia (article) – Reinhard Hütter: A spiritual analysis of and remedy for, in the Biblical phrase, “the lust of the eyes”
  • The Thomistic Institute’s Science and Faith series of videos
    • This series of videos explores everything from miracles to quantum mechanics, all guided by the wisdom and writings of St. Thomas Aquinas.
    • It also includes a great exploration of the relationship between faith and reason in general.
  • “Science & Genesis” (video) – N. T Wright (Biblical scholar), John Polkinghorne (physicist & pastor), and Alister McGrath (philosopher)
  • “The Limits of Method” (article) – David Bentley Hart (hilariously) pointing out the limits of scientific methodology: what kinds of questions it can and cannot answer
  • The Tech-Wise Church (video) – Andy Crouch: author of The Tech-Wise Family (which is phenomenal) examines how the formational institutions of the family, the church, and the school can think with greater care and wisdom about technology
  • Godspeed (documentary) – Matt & Julie Canlis: A beautiful reflection on the pace at which life, ministry, friendships, and relationship with God flourishes.
  • The Social Dilemma (documentary) – This Netflix doc explores the alarming realities behind the engineering of social media