Project Description

Philosophy of C. S. Lewis

Monday – Friday 10am-2pm

Not many philosophers are best known for their children’s stories. But that little quirk is an insight to the life and thought of C. S. Lewis: he is, at once, a brilliant thinker and an imaginative communicator. He’s as capable writing academic literary criticism as he is Christian apologetics or science fiction. Despite the remarkable – virtually unparalleled – diversity of genre, several consistent threads run through all of Lewis’ works. Through all he wrote, Lewis was working out a philosophy. A way of thinking about the world and our place in it. This course is an introduction to the philosophy of C. S. Lewis: what he thought, why, and how that informs the way we see and experience the world. We’ll explore topics like arguments for and against God’s existence, the possibility of miracles, ethics, culture, and much more. 

  • Professor: Dr. Derek King

  • Schedule: Monday-Friday, 10AM-2PM (May 13 – May 23)

  • Credit Hours: 3 hours

  • Transfer Credit: Asbury University PHL 251 → Transfers to UK as PH 200+ Credit

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